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Trance-Lation Into Space Part 4

8 thoughts on “ Trance-Lation Into Space Part 4

  1. "The Genesis of My Music" Lecture, approx 14 minute - J D Emmanuel, Issue Project Room, September 5th, on YouTube Sept 11th, , Live Time Traveling at the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival by J D Emmanuel with 5 minute introduction about his music work on YouTube J D Emmanuel's Live Performances on YouTube - J D's Early Metaphysical Years, on YouTube.
  2. trance lation. Max Schiefele Uralte Morla Deep Space: Tomas Falkenroth Alien VS Mr Synth: Werner Solos Wellenfeld Nordlicht: Andreas Braun / Detlef Dominiczak Gotamax Sommerfelder: Andreas D. Gotthilf Hermann Lipinski Erinnerungen an Paestum: Hermann Lipinski Rüdiger Hunsdick Choir di Dam: Rüdiger.
  3. The Event is hold in English with Czech "trance"lation;-) by Eva Scrncová. Padmafarma is an ecologically oriented Seminarhouse north of Brno and situated in a beautiful valley, lush and green and off the beaten track. The silence at night is breathtaking and the nightsky is boasting of stars you hardly ever see in the vicinity of bigger cities.
  4. Beyond Magazine is an artistic publication that focuses on the environment, nature related issues, and green lifestyle. Published in Beirut by Five Stars Tourism s.a.r.l.
  5. Occasionally, he'll introduce field recordings of environmental sounds — birds, lapping waves, wind — into the mix, but these serve as compliments to the synthesized elements rather than as sonic footholds of the outside world (the point of Emmanuel's music isn't to hold on to anything, but to drift).
  6. Even if I fall off like Saul, get a concussion / Rendered unconscious, still shoot a sawed off.
  7. Women will accept these men into their couplings >> only if they chose to refrain from making what is sublime grotesque. > >Damn! I'll miss you, George. > >> Use of the grotesque will be reserved for the naturally exagerated >> behavior patterns of those walking alone. > >And will be strictly regulated by the Ministry of Silly Walks.
  8. The second disc mix, in particular, made me feel I was an astronaut embarking on my first trip to space. As I take off the ground and break into the atmosphere, it leaves me high and floating in space with the rest of the heavenly bodies so majestic yet seemingly tranquil - just like how trance makes me feel as .

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