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  1. Big difference, and it even goes to the, over use of 1 Timothy , of Paul calling himself the chief (first) of sinners! Most believers (sad to say) use this to justify their continuance of sin. No, Paul was not a sinner, he is a saint and called believers the same, over 55 times throughout his Epistles. As never did he call a believer a sinner.
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  3. Finally, I underlined his responsibility not to allow sin to reign in his members (Rom. ). As a new creation he has the power to rule his members. He was called to live free from slavery to sin because he was not a sinner but a saint.
  4. Jul 15,  · Do not misunderstand what Paul is doing here. He is not trying to conjure up some excuse where he is not guilty of these sins by reason of having a schizophrenic, split personality. No, Paul knows he is culpable for these sins. But, in the midst of doing so, Paul is keen to make it plain that it is not the new Paul that is sinning, but the old.
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  6. The writers are addressing a problem. They are not saying that all believers are sinners, or that the term “sinner” should be applied normally to Christians. In 1 Timothy , Paul states that Christ came to save sinners, among whom Paul was the first or foremost one.
  7. My pastor often preaches on sanctification. He denies that he is a "sinner saved by grace," and says that sanctification means that he does not sin. I disagree because of Paul's statements in Romans 7. I think sanctification is ongoing, only completed in Glory. What are your opinions?
  8. Likewise, a saint is not someone who never sins, but someone who doesn’t have to sin. Sin has lost its power over you. You are not a sinner who has been saved, but a saint who sometimes gives in to sin. We see this being played out with Paul as he shares his own continuing struggle with sin: I want to do what is right, but I can’t.
  9. Feb 01,  · The Apostle, Saint Paul, identifies it with the rebellion of the 'flesh' against the 'spirit.' Concupiscence stems from the disobedience of [Original] Sin. It unsettles man's moral faculties and, without being in itself an offense, inclines man to commit sin" (Catechism, no. ).

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